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Soundtrack your special moment

Make it last forever.

A unique song to celebrate a unique love.

Through to this unique premium service, you can receive a beautiful piano piece or a stunning pop ballad tailored to your wants and desires. This takes the meaning of “our song” to a whole new level!

The best part? It will be completely unique and only yours. Forever.


Your song will be exclusively yours and will never have been heard before. If life is a movie, this is your soundtrack.


All your specific wishes will be incorporated into the piece so that the final song is the perfect fit. Oskar will ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the result.

Yours to keep

You will receive high-quality recordings of the music to use at your event and in media such as wedding videos.

The Personal Piano Composition Packet includes:

  • A 4 to 5-minute uniquely composed solo piano piece
  • Progress check-ins to ensure that you are happy with the song
  • 16-bit (CD quality) and MP3 real piano recordings of the final track
  • Original and detailed sheet music in PDF format (for print)

The Personal Pop Song Packet includes:

  • A 3 to 4-minute professionally produced song
  • Progress check-ins to ensure that you are happy with the song
  • Original lyrics (in English or Swedish) and melody
  • Vocals sung by a professional female vocalist
  • 16-bit (CD quality) and MP3 tracks of the final song
  • Lyrics written in a lovely printable document

Make this moment count.

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