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Oskar has released two full-length albums (Evolution, 2018 & Echoes, 2019) and one mini album (Vintergatan, 2020). A new full-length album is currently taking shape, and the first singles can be expected in the late end of 2020.

Collaborative projects

SYMMETRY is here! In spring 2020, Oskar invited six diverse talents in the neoclassical field to partake in a collaborative music project. The resulting EP is out Friday, October 23.

August 7: Oskar teamed up with New York Times best-selling author Ian Urbina to produce a musical reaction to The Outlaw Ocean, a profoundly haunting account of lawlessness at sea. The EP, called Red Marble, is out everywhere now.

Songwriting & Vocal Songs

As a songwriter, Oskar released Small World (December 2019), sung by the incredible Malaysian vocalist Kimia, which quickly became an underground hit in Scandinavia and beyond. Into the year 2021 onwards, Oskar’s name is likely to appear in the credits of several notable songs.

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