Oskar Kappland

I’ve got to be frank. I have a weird condition. I keep hearing melodies in my head. The only way for me to deal with it is getting them out into the world. That’s why you keep seeing new music from me. Whether it be neoclassical piano pieces or calm pop tunes, each song is a piece of my passion project.


From July to November 2019, I pushed myself to release one new piano piece every week. The project was both creatively engaging and challenging, and I am very proud of the resulting album, Echoes, out everywhere now! Artwork by the incredibly talented Linnea Moritz.

Want to watch a live performance?

This was shot in Seoul, South Korea, on Seoullo bridge right by Seoul Station. The music recording is the studio version of Daniel’s Lullaby from EVOLUTION.

Being creative is a blessing.

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