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Oskar Kappland

Composer for film, TV, and weddings


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Give your special day a sound


Immortalize the day you and your loved one promise to love each other forever. Let this completely unique song become the soundtrack to your relationship.


Commemorate the life of a loved one in a very special way. Let their legacy live on through this one-of-a-kind hymn to a life well lived.

Special occasions

Want to do something extraordinary for this year’s anniversary? Want to surprise someone with a very special birthday gift? Say it with music!

Praise for Oskar

“[Oskar’s music is] so emotionally powerful, I always hate to reach the end. Repeat button, where are you?”

Kathy Parsons,

“Oskar perfectly showcases his talent as a pianist and songwriter by delivering highly emotional and dreamy music.”

Caesar Live n Loud



Sheet Music & Merchandise

Want to play Oskar’s music yourself? Want to show your support through stickers and T-shirts?